Furniture comes in standard sizes, dining tabes that don't fit the space  you have, bedside tables the wrong size or height. The Design  Blacksmith will make your design or mine so that the occasional table  suits the occasion. All designer furniture is custom made to your requirements and comes  in a variety of finishes.  Designer Beds We sleep in them, we make love in them, we rest in them, we relax in  them. Beds are very close to our hearts, the Design Blacksmith will  design you a bed to suit your personality. Each designer bed is blacksmith made using high quality materials and  built to last a lifetime. Each one is a personal statement. The design  blacksmith will guide you through the design proccess to produce an  hierloom product that is fully guaranteed in design, material and  manufacture. Antique designs can be replicated to take a modern  innersprung mattress. There is never a problem with loosening joints or  sagging mattress slats.
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