What is a Design Blacksmith?

The mid 1970's saw Britain embark on a programme of the  deindustrialisation which continued for a decade. Blacksmiths became  one of the major casualties of the downward spiral of British industry.  The number of qualified blacksmiths diminished from over 10,000 in  Victorian times to less than 200 in 1985. London alone lost over 2000 blacksmiths, the trade was almost lost  forever. The few remaining blacksmiths working or rather not working in  London formed various associations to promote the use of  blacksmithing techniques and made products into the domestic and built  environment, i.e. one off beds, curtain rods, garden furniture, sculptural  pieces outside public seating, as well as wrought iron gates and  railings. The new brand of blacksmiths are referred to as 'Design  Blacksmiths'. Design Blacksmithing is the end product of the move from industrial to  domestic ironwork.  The design blacksmith doesn't need complicated drawings to work from,  he/she understands the clients wishes and creates the item from  experience and a blacksmithing design perspective. You can trust the  design blacksmith to bring your ideas to life.  Depending on your taste, the design blacksmith can provided you with high quality custom designed products to your design or mine or a  combination of both to a high standard of design and top quality manufacture (there is no charge for basic design work). I have developed  many interesting finishes to bring the finshed article to life and become a one off item. Finishes include gunmetal (dark), polished, antiqued,  colours chemically produced by my own process. I believe the customer should be involved in the design proccess from the start as the quality of the design is in the eye of the beholder and  you the customer are the beholder. I provide the technical blacksmithing skill and experience to enhance the design proccess and make the  design a practical permanent solution.  Blacksmithing Courses Available. For course information and bookings, please email rp.artistblacksmith@gmail.com 
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